Equipment in Use


Supernova XE 3760

Designed from the ground up to comply to AS/NZ3760:2001 like no other tester on the Australian market. From 250v testing of MOV devices through to touch leakage test for Class II appliances with an electronicswitch, the Supernova XE 3760 software

is fully customised to he requirements of AS/NZ3760:2001.

From its powerful results recording and download capabilities to its user-friendly interface characteristics, Supernova XE offers maximum scope for ensuring complete & accurate testing from contstruction tools to sensitive IT equipment.

Accurate earthbond and leakage measurements even when multiple earth paths exist.

TPL Series 3 Phase Testers

Leakage testing of 3 phase appliances and extension leads.

The ProTag TPL series three phase adaptors replace insulation testing adaptors or manual probing by powering-up the three phase appliance or extension lead and measuring the leakage current.

The TPL Series also eliminate the need for less practical methods such as dismantling appliance plugs and using a clamp meter or using three phase cable adapters with an exposed earth. The TPL Series provide a safe way of testing three phase appliances, at all speeds and settings, whilst taking a quick and easy measurement on the LCD display.

PrimeTest 300

The ProTag optima system comprises of the seaward PrimeTest 300 appliance and RCD tester, ProTag optima test tag printer and BCS-Blue bar code scanner. The PrimeTest 300 carries out all of the tests required under AS/NZS3760 for appliances and leads and carries 30mA RCD tests.

Metrel MI-2121-AUS

The Metrel MI 2121-AUS verifies that RCDs operate in accordance with all of the mandatory requirements of AS3760 and AS3190. It is capable of testing any RCD incorporated in either portable equipment or in fixed wiring installations, and logging results for later recall.